There is no shortcut for success! You’ve to work. 

You’ve to start somewhere to  reach somewhere You just can’t sit back hoping one day a magic bullet will come & hit me  & my life will change  my dreams become true. That happens ‘rarely’  I said ‘rarely’ & That rarely may be  One in hundred or One in thousand or  One in million  Are…

Human Psychology

“Human psychology today believes in disconnecting from people rather than apologizing on making a mistake!”

Be the “Maker” of your happiness.

  I’m happy with my life because I’m doing what I want, I can & what makes me happy. If you are not than you should probably think what you are not doing & if you’re lucky to figure out it. start doing it & you will be happy too..!  – RIDHDHESH  ♥ Read more…

Something Weird but beautiful.

  “Sometimes I don’t know what it is I’m supposed to do. Sometimes I wake up and I see all this time that I have and all the hours in a day and I collapse with anxiety. I ask myself at the end of each day have I done enough? Did I accomplish enough? Did…

I’m always with you.!

Hey, I’m with you, I’m always standing behind you , To hold you whenever you fall. To fix your broken pieces, To hold your side & To hold your hand, even if everyone else refuse to.

There is always a way, may be you didn’t notice.!

Just because things are not going the way as they should, doesn’t mean they are going wrong, sometimes things are setting up in a new way & taking us towards better things. So never give up..! – Ridhdhesh Jivawala You can read my written quotes on Goodreads