The Green 

Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises. These photos are taken somewhere between Bharuch & Ankleshwar.  ©Ridhdhesh Jivawala 

The understanding love

They ask me what I see, What I see when I’m dreaming, What I see when I’m listening, What I see when I’m writing, But I don’t see; I understand, I understand how minds work, I understand how hearts work, I understand how my world works, But I don’t understand them. Why can’t people accept…

There is no shortcut for success! You’ve to work. 

You’ve to start somewhere to  reach somewhere You just can’t sit back hoping one day a magic bullet will come & hit me  & my life will change  my dreams become true. That happens ‘rarely’  I said ‘rarely’ & That rarely may be  One in hundred or One in thousand or  One in million  Are…

The day when I stopped loving you

I stopped loving you  The day when  Your white lies shattered  My loyalty , my trust  into pieces  When I trusted you purely  Without making a single doubt  I stopped loving you  The day when  You started choosing  Atrocious things over the good one Like demons over the angles Even with knowing everything I stopped…

Human Psychology

“Human psychology today believes in disconnecting from people rather than apologizing on making a mistake!”