I want to go somewhere with you.
Just a little place that no one else can see. I want you to tell me all your stories.
All your dreams.
All your desires.
All your doubts.
And then I’ll tell you mine.
I want to take you away.
Somewhere beautiful and mysterious.
I want to watch your eyes as you look around. Looking at the new places.
The new people.
The new scenery.
And then I’ll smile at the wonder in them.
I want to hold you tight.
When the weight of the world has taken its terrible toll
I want to ease your pain. While your mind whirls. Your frustration comes out. Your heart aches.
And then I’ll comfort you.
I want to celebrate with you. Doesn’t matter what it is.
I want to hear your laugh. See your eyes sparkle. Listen to your excitement.
And then I’ll announce to the world how proud I am of you. But most of all,
What I really want to do. Is one little thing. The thing that I do every day and promise to do for as long as I live,
Is love you with all my heart.!

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