Pure love means love which is completely detached.
Detached from all expectations and judgments.
Which is completely free and define freedom itself.
Which is natural and gracious.
Pure love the field of pure potentiality.
Pure love helps to progress.
Love which brings closer to our inner truth and bliss is pure love.
God’s love i.e spiritual love from divine energy is the purest.
Which is constant, blissful, selfless, altruistic, omnipresent, omnipotent and always in equilibrium.
Pure love overwhelms by all the positive qualities and completely untouched by any negativity.
Divine love can never be compared with human love, indeed.
That doesn’t mean that human love is always impure but it simply means that we are still progressing and learning to share and feel the pure love from divine by remaining self-less, by adopting the giving approach and by loving in better ways.
We can help human love to reach to the level of divine love by adopting more open and sacrificing approach.
Human Love which feels alright, satisfying and contains understanding + trust+ care+ respect, is on the journey destined to divine love.
Love which gives energy to our soul and spirit is love nearer to divine bliss.
Love contains immense strength and the purer it is the more divine strength it contains.
P.S Mother’s love towards her child is a glimpse of pure love from the divine.

Lovely words By: Vihasi Shah from EVERLASTING SMILE WISDOM


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