​Have you ever looked at the way that someone lives and thought to yourself that it just doesn’t make sense? When we are born, we are acculturated into a certain set of beliefs that becomes the right way for us to live. It’s the life that makes sense to us because that’s all we know, and those beliefs become part of our identity. Anything else is new, and we avoid it because it just doesn’t feel right. It makes sense to feel that way, doesn’t it? You’re raised into the beliefs of those who raised you because their beliefs are instilled in them and are echoed in the way they see your life progressing. Here’s the catch.

Are you able to defend your beliefs? Or do you just say, That’s just the way it is? You must critically think about everything around you because, if you don’t know deep inside the reasons you believe in certain things, you will lose your commitment to them at the first obstacle you come to. You have to be convinced by your beliefs, thoughts, and way of life. Think of the reasons you do what you do and the reasons you accept certain things and reject others. If there are no reasons, then work on finding them.

Maybe then you can actually learn to accept that differences among humans exist and that the right life is relative. Take the time to evaluate your life. How can you take the lead in your own life if you’ve already allowed yourself to be a naive follower in it? 

-Najwa Zabeian


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