Something Weird but beautiful.


“Sometimes I don’t know what it is I’m supposed to do. Sometimes I wake up and I see all this time that I have and all the hours in a day and I collapse with anxiety. I ask myself at the end of each day have I done enough? Did I accomplish enough? Did I do something to change a life today in a positive way? Did I work on something towards a dream of mine? I think of all the paths of people I cross because I know that my purpose here is more than just to walk the earth aimlessly it’s more than just to feel his broken heart, it is to write these poems and songs, to heal others – life is complicated but it’s also beautiful it’s this weird beautiful that’s kind of ugly at the same time.We need to know that there’s something out there or something more for us to get towards, something more for us to achieve and I think we need to focus on all the time we do have, instead of the time we don’t – expectations don’t lead to disappointment what leads to disappointment is not trying because what’s worse…. expecting something and it doesn’t go your way? or just sitting there doing nothing never trying? I’m ranting, my brain tends to take over. But I guess I’m just saying is that time is precious, we over complicate everything, hearts break, try and fail, fail and succeed – you have a story worth sharing, life is more than the box we trap ourselves in being put down by our own thoughts – get out of your head, get into the world.”
—Demetra Demi


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