I’m always with you.!



I’m with you,

I’m always standing behind you ,

To hold you whenever you fall.

To fix your broken pieces,

To hold your side &

To hold your hand, even if everyone else refuse to.


I’m always with you,

No matter how much hard it become,

& It doesn’t matter,  even if we had fight or some misunderstandings,

Or since how long we last talked,

But whenever you’re in need,

I’m always with you.


I’m always with you,

Without asking a single thing from you in return,

Not even with any expectations,

I’m with you because,

I believe in you,

I always care,

I always understand things,

That you fail to explain,

That you feel shy to share

& I understand even if you don’t say.

That’s why I’m always with you..! ❤


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