Flowers whisper “Beauty!” to the world, even as they fade, wilt, fall..!!

Hello everyone.!

Good evening. It’s been a long since i updated anything. Till now i was the only author on this site, but now my few friends are joining me here. so there will be some more amazing posts from them in future.

Few days ago I visited a garden nursery, It was full beautiful flowers, mature shrubs & trees & most important a “pleasant fragrance” of it. As usual i didn’t waited to click them in my camera. I took numbers of shots of those little flowers. So here I’m going to share few best of it with you. Enjoy.

WP_20160613_15_46_17_Pro (2)

WP_20160613_16_11_44_Pro (2)


WP_20160304_18_32_27_Pro (2)


I hope you like my posts.

Photo courtesy: Ridhdhesh Jivawala

© 2016_Ridhdhesh photography

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