I wish I could travel west nonstop chasing sunsets. And as the time zones move backwards, I could live forever if I just kept moving.

Sunsets are always beautiful, I clicked these images from my home’s terrace. It reminds me a lovely poem of  Jarod Kintz on sunsets.

“The sunset produces flower clouds
in a garden in the sky,
and while there is still light
you can see a heavenly
representation of my love for you.
The sunrise produces rays
that light up the world
like your eyes do when
you’re with me. They shimmer
and I can see the stars
in your eyes that gleam
from your soul.”

– Jarod Kintz

WP_20151229_18_00_45_Rich (2)
Just look at the lovely colours..


WP_20151229_18_03_19_Panorama (2)
Panorama shot of sky.

Aa always i’ve taken all the shots using my Microsoft Lumia 640XL.

Hope you like my posts.- Ridhdhesh 🙂

Photo courtesy: Ridhdhesh Jivawala

© 2016_ridhz photography

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