The Incredible colours of Narmada

Hello everyone, Good evening..!

It’s been a long time since i last posted. i was little busy in content designing of our other healthcare website “MedicoPhore”. still it’s lots of work to complete. but i also have to look here. so from now there will be regular updates everyday.

I grown up in a little beautiful city ‘Bharuch’ which is located at the river bank of Narmada. Narmada is the fourth longest river that flows entirely within India, after the Ganga, the Godavari, and the Krishna. My college is located at kim so i reach there by train. The timing of train is 6:45 AM, almost at sun rise moment. when train passes from bridge over narmada, i used to click photos of sunrise. everyday you can see different sunrise colors there. I’ve taken all shots on my lumia. it was little difficult to click photos from running train still anyway i made it. you may find resolution problem in some photos but its okay. enjoy the beauty.

Today I’m going to share some of those beautiful shots with you. here is the photo gallery. let’s start.



Enjoy the full photo gallery as slideshow with captions  (you require Java script to view this)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Hope you like it 🙂 – Ridhdhesh

photo courtesy: Ridhdhesh Jivawala

© 2016_ridhz photography

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