That’s the real Magic of Carl Zeiss Optics..!!

Recently I started using my new Microsoft Lumia 640xl. The best feature I like about is, its camera is loaded with Carl Zeiss optics, That gives excellent photography experience. I’ve taken some great photographs using it.let’s check it out.!

A Reflection Image.!
A Reflection Image.!

This is an reflection image of camera on glass surface. & the dust particles on the glass surface sparkles ✨ & give a little Bokeh effect, that’s make it elegant..!!

Bokeh Effect
Bokeh Effect

This another pic i took  with manual settings.  There is nothing special in this pic, there just dust particles over the surface of glass, in Flash they sparkle &  give this amazing Bokeh effect.. ❤

This is Beautiful..!
This is Beautiful..!

& That’s  why, i’m so love with Zeiss optics, which makes my photographs Perfect..!!


© 2015_ridhz photography


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