Out of the Dark 

Then I learned something…!!!

Of life she writes.

I learned something last night.

I learned the power of people.

I learned how much one person can affect your mood/ state of being.

I learned that I am,

Perhaps too easily maneuvered/ affected.

I learned that one person can have such a huge impact on me and how I chose to live my life.

Truth is, isn’t this true for everyone?

We all have a weakness.

That one person that we will always answer the phone for

That one person that’s always in our hearts regardless of the fact that they aren’t in your life.

Maybe they are and that’s okay too.

We all have one person we would drop everything for and do whatever it takes to do.

I have some of those people.

Just a few.

Some people who were there once are no longer there.

There are also some new people that managed to squeeze themselves…

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