The Sunrise at the best.. ❤

Hello, everyone..!!!
Look at this, a set of beautiful sunrise clicks.I made this pic by combining number of random clicks that I took at different time during my train travelling. It was around 7.10 a.m. when I took first pic then next at 7.15 then 7.25.. Just Like this I took another photos in time interval of 10 mins.


    I clicked all these pics between panoli & kosamba. I arranged them all in rising(sun) sequence & then I found this, “THE TRUE MORNING COLOURS” The hardest thing about taking this pic was that it is difficult to focus while the train is running at appx. 100 km/hour, but I did it anyway. This pic would be much more better than this if I would take them in HDR mode but I was unable to do that so I clicked them in normal mode.This’s one of the best pic I’ve ever taken. ❤ –ridh


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