I forgot

I remember everything & that’s my downfall.. 😦

Of life she writes.

I forgot what our hands looked like together.

I forgot how your fingers felt intertwined with mine

I forgot how your smile used to form, first one corner, then the other one.

I forgot how you looked like in bed next to me

I forgot how heavy you were

I forgot how much I loved you

I forgot how much love we shared

I forgot

I forgot that your eyes take me into another world

I forgot that you love to do that thing with your throat when you’re thirsty

I forgot that you have a schedule

I forgot that you have things to do

I forgot to forget you like you forgot me

I forgot to stop caring about you

I forgot to stop thinking about you

About us

I forgot to forget everything you like

Everything you love

Because I can’t forget

I remember everything

And that


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